Q. Is your felt old, stretched, faded, torn, or do you just need a change of color?

    A.  We have over 30 different color options to choose from!  We also offer our felt in three different playing grades;

         1. Standard - 75% Wool, 25% Polyester. Great for recreational play, recommended for in-home use.

         2. Premium - 82% Wool, 18% Polyester, Teflon Coated.  Excellent for in-home or commercial use and stain resistant.

         3. Simonis - 90% Worsted Wool.  Play with the professionals! High-Speed, Nap-Free cloth

             recommended to upgrade any table.  

Q. Do your cushions bounce like they should?  Has the rubber become hardened or loose? 

    A.  We can replace your cushions to match your existing rail profile!

         * The recommended time to replace your cushions is when you change your cloth. 

For a service quote please call or text us at (410) 266-5418 

       You can also get an online quote just     

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Is your felt torn or getting old?  Is your table rolling off?  Do you need it moved? You've come to the right place because here at Cue Dudes it is our mission to provide superior quality products and great customer service! 

Table Services

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Standard AND PREMIUM cloth available

in the following colors:

Q. Are you replacing your flooring or carpet and need your pool table moved? 

    A.  We can professionally disassemble your table, wrap it, and move it to the room of your choice. Once your new flooring is            completed, we will come back and reassemble and level your table. 


Paul Hubbard  Google review 9 months ago-
Very cool guys and very efficient. Have recommended  these guys before after they picked up and delivered the table the first time. Made sure and called them when we needed the same table moved to our new house!

Craig Tyler - Google review
Could not have been happier with my experience with Cue Dudes. By far the most reasonable price to have a table disassembled, transported and assembled. They were very professional, and good work was important to them! If you have a pool table need, I strongly urge your to contact them first! You won't be disappointed.

simonis cloth available

in the following colors:

Q. If you're looking to sell your table (we buy previously owned tables)...

    A. We can professionally breakdown your table, move it to the new location, reassemble and level it.


Cue Dudes is a top rated professional pool table re-covering, moving, restoration and storage provider. We are family owned and operated!  It would be our pleasure to help you bring your pool table back to life or move it to its next location.

Darin Thompson  Google review 10 months ago-
What an amazing experience. These guys are quick, knowledgeable, and entertaining. They did a perfect job and we're even willing to show me a few things about my game when they were finished. Very personable and enjoyable to be around while they installed my table. I will use Cue Dudes again.