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Cue Dudes is a top rated professional pool table re-covering, moving, restoration and storage provider.

It would be our pleasure to help you bring your pool table back to life or move it to its next location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What we stand for.

We dedicate ourselves to the principle that every job is our most important job. Our highly skilled technicians have 20 years combined experience. Using the highest quality tools and levels we can ensures  your pool table will stay level longer. Each employees is as important as our customers and we take every opportunity to reward and reinforce their passion for billiards and pool tables. Limiting our schedule to one or two appointments a day ensures that our technicians have more than enough time to accomplish your project ensuring top-quality results. 

Let us do the heavy lifting.

You've come to the right place because here at Cue Dudes it is our mission to provide superior quality workmanship and great customer service! 

When you call Cue Dudes a teem member will quote and schedule your service appointment. It's that easy. You can check it off your to do list.

How do I determine what size pool table I have?

     7 foot pool tables measure 39 inches wide cushion tip to tip.

     8 foot pool tables measure 44 inches wide cushion tip to tip.

     8 foot Pro pool tables measure ## inches wide cushion tip to tip.

     9 foot pool tables measure ## inches wide cushion tip to tip.

Will the table need to be re-covered with new felt when moved?

      We take great care to remove every staple and gently remove the cloth for re-use. 

Should I let the flooring installers move my pool table for new flooring?

     No, Pool tables are composed of many pieces and should never be slid or lifted with the slate on. We will disassemble, blanket wrap, move to an onsite storage location then return to assemble and level.

Do you buy or remove used pool tables?​

     Based on the tables condition we can make a cash offer or remove for a fee.